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As an innovative company, FAKRO invests substantial time and effort into developing new products – and those new products are designed not solely by our engineers, but also in great part from collaborating with our customers. The needs, expectations, and requirements communicated to us from our customers help guide us as we create new solutions, discover and employ new materials, and finally design and manufacture new products. Customers tell us what they need and what we should supply. It’s a very straightforward process – we simply listen to them carefully, work hard to innovate with their needs in mind, and then work hard again to manufacture products to meet those needs. We would like to express our gratitude to our customers for their questions – for those inquiries allow us to better understand market needs and respond quickly and appropriately. Please take a minute and see what new products FAKRO launched this year.




Balcony Window FGH-V P2 Gallery


D_F Flat roof deck mounted skylight

An innovative, large roof window, in which the sashes create a functional balcony in the loft. The upper sash is opened steplessly upwards. The bottom sash tilts forwards to a vertical position, allowing free access to the balcony recess. It is enough to take a few steps in order to get “outside” and feel the warmth of the sun rays, refreshing breeze or admire beautiful views.


Flat roof deck mounted skylights illuminate the interior of buildings with natural light; allow airing of the room and provide excellent thermal insulation properties. The skylights can be specified with the highly energy efficient glazing unit U6 (Uw = 0.88 W/m2K, equivalent R-Value 6.5 for entire window) or U8 (Uw = 0.76 W/m2K, equivalent R-Value 7.5 for entire window), which enhances the energy performance of the whole building.






FTT Thermo centre pivot roof window


LWT  Thermo attic ladder

FTT highly-energy efficient roof windows have been designed taking into account the stringent requirements of passive construction. This specialized and innovative design provides excellent performance by ensuring high efficiency of thermal energy. 


The highly energy-efficient attic ladder LWT is recommended for energy-efficient construction which places great emphasis on the reduction of heat loss. This product is ideal for installation in areas where large temperature differences occur between the habitable and non-habitable attic space.