fixed skylight FX



Installation range 15-85°

Let the light in, not the heat. Low emission heat reflecting double-glazing.
Range of accessories

20 Years on Insulated Glass Unit
10 Years on Skylights

Leak proof skylight








Fakro FX fixed skylight is a great solution for places with high ceilings  where any extra source of lighting is valuable, and where ventilation system is working properly. Simple construction of FX skylights guarantees hassle free use for a long time, which is especially important when the skylights are installed out of reach and every additional maintenance work causes problems due to the access difficulties.


  • Made from pressure treated pine wood.
  • Coated with water based clear acrylic lacquer (no extra painting required).
  • Quick and easy to install. New installation system. No brackets! 

  • Installation template provided to enable accurate cutting of roof opening.
  •  Suitable for roofs pitches between 15° and 85°.
  • Set deeper in the roof for better insulation, and supplied with a perimeter seal for a "warmer" roof boarding-skylight frame joint.
  • Wider range of accessories specifically for skylights.


installation instruction - FX with flashing EL

installation instruction - window FX with flashing EH-A