Light tunnel with rigid light transmitting tube SRT

Rigid Light Tunnel SRT



The rigid light tunnel is an effective method of illuminating small spaces and dimly lit rooms. Areas such as corridors, hallways and bathrooms benefit from the light from a tunnel especially since they often are too small or centrally located making it impractical to install windows.

The inside of the rigid light tunnel’s tube acts much like a mirror, effectively reflecting light through the tube into the space below. The tube’s interior is lined with a silver light-reflective layer illuminating a room with even the highest ceiling, making the SRT rigid light tunnel suitable for almost any type of residential or industrial building.

Light tunnel with rigid light transmitting tube SRT


  • Rigid tube features a highly reflective tube interior with a 98% reflective co-efficient
  • Elbow (element of the installation kit), gives the option to adjust the pitch of tube inclination (between 0 and 65 degrees) and helps to avoid construction obstacles during installation
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15 to 60 degrees (approximate 3/12 minimum slope)
  • Each light tunnel kit includes one (1) dome, one (1) transparent prismatic diffuser, one (1) ceiling trim, three (3) rigid tubes (23 5/8 inches each) and one (1) angle-changing elbow tube
  • Requires FAKRO SLL step flashing or SLH high-profile flashing
  • 7-year warranty on light tunnel, 25-year warranty on tube
  • Additional accessories available


Cross-section of SRT rigid light tunnel with and without optional light kit accessory:

 Light tunnel with rigid light transmitting tube SRT


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