flat roof deck mounted skylight

The benefits of natural illumination of the building are unquestionable but it happens that in buildings with flat roofs it is not always possible to install standard vertical windows.


A minimalist and perfect designed DEF flat roof window has been awarded with prestigious Red Dot Design Award.



  • FAKRO flat roof skylights illuminate interiors with natural light, provide room ventilation and combine high functionality with perfect thermal insulation parameters.
  • Now every room under the flat roof can be warm and full of natural light.
  • Every room should provide a source of natural light for a dweller to feel comfortable.
  • The ideal solution in such cases is the installation of specially designed flat roof skylights.


- the frame of the flat roof skylight is manufactured with multi-chamber PVC profiles,

- the internal surface of the frame is white (RAL 9010),

- the material from which profiles are made have a high resistance against acids and very low moisture absorption, therefore the window can be installed in every room,

- profiles are filled inside with insulating material, thus additionally improving the energy saving parameters of the product,

- the specially profiled covering material under the frame drip cap facilitates the finishing of the window connection with the roofing material.


SKYLIGHT type F (with innovative glazing unit)  


The type F flat roof skylight is equipped with an innovative glazing unit featuring excellent thermal insulation parameters and modern design. The window can be manufactured in any size. Standard sizes available here.


Flat roof windows are available in three versions:

DEF - electrically opened

DMF - manually opened

DXF - fixed


The servo-motor in electrically opened skylights is positioned in the sash and is protected against adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow.
This ensures trouble free operation of the servo-motor and all control elements.


The electrically operated skylight has a built-in sensor that automatically activates the sash closing function when it rains.







Window type F -The type F window is available with a quadruple DU8 glazing unit. The heat transmittance co-efficient for the whole window is U=0.76 W/m2K (equivalent R-Value 7.5) and makes the window suitable for use in energy-efficient and passive buildings.


In addition to standard sizes, the type F window can be manufactured in a custom size. The thermal insulation standards of buildings have been significantly increased and old skylights in flat roofs do not meet current requirements. The specification of the type F window allows for the easy and accurate replacement of existing often non-standard size skylights. This provides an improvement of the thermal insulation properties for the whole building.


The flat roof window can be also mounted on an additional XRD base with a height of 5 7/8” (15cm), which raises the window and allows its installation in green or living roofs.


The specially designed shapes of the flat roof window profiles gives a glazing area that is up to 16% greater when compared with other manufacturer’s windows of a similar size.