FAKRO company was established in the 1991 in Nowy Sacz


FAKRO was established in the 1991 in Nowy Sacz, a beautiful city situated in the South of Poland in Europe.


The idea of producing roof windows in Poland was first started over 25 years ago by FAKRO’s current president, Ryszard Florek, along with the company’s co-founders. In 1986, these partners began a woodworking plant in Tymbark, Poland. As the business grew, the product rage expanded. Eventually, demand lead to the establishment of FAKRO and began manufacturing in Nowy Sacz.


Today, FAKRO is one of the world’s leading producers with an estimated 15% global share of the roof window market and is the unquestioned leader of roof window trade in Poland. All the FAKRO subsidiaries from all over the world, made up of 12 manufacturing companies and 16 foreign subsidiaries, make up the FAKRO Group. Currently, FAKRO Group employs more than 3,300 people.


The company offers a very extensive selection of roof windows and skylights together with a wide range of accessories and attic ladders. FAKRO products are available in every country where roof windows are sold.