identify your skylight

In order to identify your skylight, you need to find information plate. Information plate is a small aluminum plate stapled to every FAKRO skylight or roof window. Every plate contains product code, short product description, as well as a date of the production. Data shown on the plate, include also size of the product, what is especially important when you want to buy an accessory like venetian blind, or order any spare parts.



FVE P1 48/46 -skylight and glass type; size

68968  2192 - skylight code

01 8823 - production code


Spare parts: blow-up drawings for skylights



blow-up drawing- .pdf

list of elements- .pdf



blow-up drawing- .pdf

list of elements- .pdf



blow-up drawing- .pdf

list of elements- .pdf


identify your attic ladder

Data plate in FAKRO attic ladders is situated on the inner part of the front, shorter box element in the upper left corner:



                                                                                   laser burned plate

a - attic ladder type
b - dimensions
c - production code


How to find a data plate?