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Special features of FAKRO skylights

FAKRO’s skylight design is suitable for the roofing industry’s demand and style of construction.

Our simple and practical installation system, together with a newly designed “warm” frame, and a Low-E, single chamber glazing result in an Energy Star® efficient skylight.

These features allow for fast and easy one-person installation and a leak-proof Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Skylight glazing units:

Special features of FAKRO skylights

Glazing Unit G3 - Solar Factor

  • Single chamber "Solar Factor" glazing unit  4HT – Tg16Ar – 4H
  • Sunscreen external pane toughened, 0.16" thick
  • Internal pane toughened, 0.16" thick
  • Warm TGI spacer
  • R-value 5.7 (glass)
  • Glazing cavity filled with inert gas – Argon
  • Models applicable to: FX, FV, FVE, FVS

Special features of FAKRO skylights

Glazing Unit G31 - Solar Factor, laminated

  • Single chamber "Solar Factor" glazing unit 4HT– Tg14Ar – 33.2
  • Sunscreen external pane toughened, 0.16" thick
  • Internal pane laminated 33.2 PVB (0.25") – P2A class as per EN 356, 1(B)1 as per EN 12600
  • Warm TGI spacer
  • R-value 5.2 (glass)
  • Glazing cavity filled with inert gas – Argon
  • Models applicable to: FX, FV, FVE, FVS


Premium Deck Mounted Skylights

  • Finished wooden frame; pressure-treated, double coated with water-based clear acrylic lacquer
  • Energy Star, Low-E, UV filtering glass; laminated or tempered glazing
  • Single chamber filled with thermal-regulating inert argon gas
  • Perimeter seal and sturdy wooden frame for "warm" roof boarding-skylight frame joint
  • Bracket-free, one-person installation
  • Type EL step or EH-A high profile flashing required
  • Template and installation hardware included


Types of Premium Deck Mounted Skylights:

Special features of FAKRO skylights

Fixed skylight FX

  • suitable for roofs pitched between 15° and 85°
  • made from pressure treated pine wood
  • wider range of accessories specifically for skylights

Special features of FAKRO skylights

Venting skylight FV

  • quick and easy to install - new installation system, no brackets!
  • triple seal system
  • manual opening and closing mechanism

Special features of FAKRO skylights

Electric venting skylight FVE

  • integrated electrically controlled system
  • triple seal system
  • remote-operated (as a set)
  • possibility of control by Switch ZKC (keyboard for electric skylights)

When designing our products, we implement features that address three main concerns about skylights:

1. Leaks and Condensation

2. Installation

3. Warranty



  • FAKRO deck mounted skylights are lined on the underside with a gasket. When the skylight is placed over the rough opening, this gasket creates a seal against the roof deck. In addition, water & ice shield applied during installation waterproof the skylight, making it impermeable to moisture.
  • FAKRO skylights eliminate the issue of outside condensation. Metal components traditionally used to install a skylight come in contact with moisture. In some cases, this hidden moisture can cause damage and may lead to leaks. FAKRO skylights are installed without the use of metal components; a set of screws (provided) drill directly through the frame of the skylights into the roof joists eliminating the need for brackets on the outside of the skylight’s frame.
  • On the inside of the home, a channel built into the inner frame of the skylight collects moisture and drains it to the outside. This channel is set deep into the frame of the skylight where the glass meets the skylight’s frame, so the channel is not visible once the skylight is installed.
  • FAKRO skylights have a thicker frame than other brands of skylights. A thicker frame means less heat or cold conductivity resulting in twice the insulation parameters than other leading skylight brands. FAKRO skylights are Energy Star® rated.

FAKRO skylights are suitable for almost any room in the home, providing the benefits of natural light while filtering harmful UV rays.



  • A template and installation hardware are included with every skylight, which help with cutting the rough opening and the installation processes. In addition to the installation instructions included with each skylight, installation videos are also available on our website.
  • Two pins are included with each skylight’s hardware kit. After cutting the rough opening, these pins hold the skylight center and square over the opening, facilitating one-person installation. Once the skylight is placed over the opening, these pins hold the skylight in place and ready to secure to the roof deck.
  • Bracket-free installation means only a set of screws (included) secure the skylight directly into the joists of the roof through predrilled holes in the skylight’s frame. You are now ready to line the skylight with your preferred brand of water & ice shield, followed by your choice of FAKRO step or high profile flashing. For additional insulation, thermal flashing is available through special order.



All FAKRO skylights include a limited lifetime warranty. With proper installation and regular maintenance, FAKRO skylights are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.