Łatwy i uniwersalny system montażu

Easy and versatile installation system

Easy and versatile installation systemProper installation is key to a roof window’s long-term performance. For over 10 years, FAKRO has used mounting brackets which enable windows to be fitted to either battens or rafters.

Łatwy montaż produktów FAKROThey can also be installed at three distinct depths. ‘Higher’ window installation at the N level (3cm higher than standard) in conjunction with Thermo flashing makes the window sit higher within the roof line. Such installations perform better during adverse weather, particularly in situations of high snowfall. Setting the window deeper in the roof (the J level – 3cm lower than standard) reduces heat loss. The improved aesthetics are particularly noticeable with slate and plain tile roofs and can be a significant factor in conservation areas. The use of special packages of XDK insulation flashings provides for quick and correct insulation around the window. Simple, efficient and flexible.



Two options for roof window installation:

Installation on rafters

Montaż na krokwiach

Installation on battens

Montaż na łatach


Three depths of installation:

Installation at +3cm


Montaż na głębokości +3cm

Installation at  0cm


Montaż na głębokości 0cm

Installation at  - 3cm


Montaż na głębokości -3cm


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