Side hung escape windows

Deck mounted roof access window FWU

  • FWU size 24/46 window is officially recognized as a certified Fire Exit roof window (Egress window*) and can save lives in case of emergencies, such as a fire or flood.
  • bracket-free installation – no metal components on exterior prevents condensation
  • includes a template to cut the rough opening, installation instructions, and hardware
  • requires water and ice shield and FAKRO step (ELW) or high profile (EHW) flashing
  • suitable for roof pitches between 15 and 55 degrees
  • insect screen and blinds available
  • 10-year warranty


*model FWU 24/46 tested in accordance with IRC section R 310.1.1, R 310.1.2,R 310.1.3, R 310.1.4

Side hung escape windows


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  • Deck mounted roof access window FWU

    • single chamber Solar Factor glazing unit 4HT – Tg16Ar – 4H
    • Highest quality pine woodbeautiful, hand selected, vacuum treated, lacquered timber frames
    • Wood painted twice with ecological acrylic lacquerdouble coated wood with white polyurethane
    • Suitable for pitches from 15-55suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 55°.
    FWU-L, FWU-R
    • 1.4 W/m2K window U-value 1.1 W/m2K glazing U-value 34 dB acoustic insulation Rw 4H – 16 – 4T glazing unit + inert gas filled panes + external glass toughened twice varnishing two seals + multi-point opening Standard handle

FWU sizes



24" x 38" 24" x 46" 37" x 46"
Rough Opening

(w x h) inches

22¼ x 37

22¼ x 45¼

38½ x 47¾

Outside Frame


23½ x 38⅛

23½ x 46¼

36⅞ x 46¼

Daylight area (glass) sq ft. 3.55 4.52 10



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