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Innovation is at the heart of all FAKRO research and development. At our modern R & D centre, we always seek to create unique products and innovative solutions. In addition to the topSafe system, other industry leading developments have included the preSelect® top hung and pivot window and the proSky® high pivot window. Innovation has become a key driver for the company and as a result FAKRO holds more than 100 patents and patent applications.




The new generation preSelect roof window offers two distinct means of opening the sash. It can be used as either a top hung or centre pivot window, with both offering complete stability and improved safety. Changing from top hung to centre pivot operation is achieved simply by use of a preSelect switch in the frame. This activates a unique system of hardware while ensuring that both functions remain independent of each other.


Okna uchylno-obrotowe preSelect


The FGH-V Galeria balcony window has twin sashes which create a balcony when opened. The upper top hung sash opens upwards, while the lower sash tilts outwards allowing easy access to the balcony opening. Balustrades are an integral element of the bottom sash and when closed are hidden in the window, with nothing visible above the roof line. As a result there are no obtrusive elements of cladding to collect dirt and leaves which would spoil the aesthetic of the roof line.


Okno dachowe Galeria


When designing the Secure window, we took the concept of burglary protection to another level. In addition to using topSafe, the window is equipped with a system which prevents removal of the glazing unit and uses an anti-burglary internal pane Class P2A. Our ‘Secure’ windows do not require additional locks and are therefore more aesthetically stylish and functionally efficient.


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