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What is Condensation?

When cold surfaces meet warmer air, water droplets form on the surface of glass, metal, wood, plastic and other materials that separate the two temperatures. Warmth and humidity inside the home coupled with cool temperatures below due point on the outside can cause condensation.


How Does Condensation Differ from a Leak?

Condensation is moisture that builds up on the inside. A leak occurs most often due to improper installation. Today’s skylight designs do not leak. FAKRO skylights are leak-proof.


How to Avoid Issues with Condensation


1. Use insulated flashing such as the ELA-T step flashing insulated kit.

3. Use “warm” skylights and roof windows, such as FAKRO Energy Star® deck-mounted units and FAKRO FTT high-energy efficient roof windows, paired with insulated flashing.

3. Keep the moisture levels on the inside of the home in check (60% or less).

4. Consider installing an airflow system below skylights to prevent moisture build-up (Fig. 1) and keep areas well ventilated.

Fig. 1

How Does the Design of FAKRO Skylights Deal with Condensation?

1. Wood is an insulating material and the more insulation, the less condensation.

FAKRO skylights have a wooden frame that is twice as thick as the leading competition (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

2. Glass is a better insulator than plastic. FAKRO skylights use two glass panes to create a “chamber.” Each chamber is filled with the thermal-regulating gas, argon, which creates a barrier between the differing temperatures.

3. Channels control condensation. Invisible channels built into FAKRO deck-mounted skylights collect and drain condensation to the outside without touching the frame or your drywall.

4. Metal conducts temperatures easily both on the inside and outside. Condensation on metal components can collect enough water that it drips. On the outside, metal components attract moisture and are prone to rusting. FAKRO skylights are installed without the use of metal brackets on the outside. Instead, the frame of a FAKRO deck-mounted skylight is affixed directly to the deck with several screws (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3

5. The frame and corners of every FAKRO skylight are sealed with a double-coat of lacquer to protect the frame against moisture
(Fig. 4).

Fig. 4

Additional Tips

In addition to purchasing FAKRO skylights and insulated flashing, follow the installation instructions and always remember to use water and ice shield. Always have a certified FAKRO installer or professional skylight installer install your skylight. With proper care and installation you can achieve the look and feel that only skylights provide and that you bring to life.

Proper care and installation achieves the look and feel that help you skylights provide that help you bring  you bring to life.

With proper care and installation lets you achieve the look and feel that only skylights provide.