Welcome to FAKRO's smartHome Project

Now your skylights, roof windows, and internal and external blinds can be added to your new or existing home automatization system.

Even if you don't already have a smart home, getting started is easy. All of Fakro's electrically-controlled products can be operated directly by remote control. Later, they can be combined into one "family" that you can opertate via your smartphone, PC, or tablet.

The smartHome Z-Wave system integrates a variety of devices such as lights, locks, fans, including FAKRO solar and electrically-operated skylights.

Z-Wave is a complete radio-controlled system designed to control and monitor residential and commercial buildings. 

FAKRO products that can be used in the smartHome system include:

  • skylights and roof windows
  • internal roller blinds
  • external awning blinds for skylights and vertical windows
  • external awning blinds with an anti smog air filter
  • vertical windows (equipped with a power tilt option)
  • HS sliding doors (equiped with an electric motor)

Examples of the smartHome system:

Smoke sensor - If the detector senses an increase of indoor temperature and smoke (dependant on the programming) the windows close to extinguishing the fire or in the case of light smoke the window opens to ventilate the room.

CO/CO2 sensor - An increase of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide levels in the room automatically opens the skylights and windows to ventilate the room. It can be programmed to emit a sound or light signal as a warning.

Temperature and humidity sensor - Detects high humidity levels and automatically opens the skylights.

High temperatures open the skylight to ventilate the room and close the blinds to reflect the heat of the sun. If necessary, the air-conditioning turns on and alternatively the heat. 

Wind force sensor - In case of strong winds FAKRO skylights and external blinds close automatically. The ZWMP weather module is required.

Motion sensor – Notifies the owner of an intruder through the window or skylight, either human or animal. If necessary, motion sensors close the skylights if movement is detected on the roof.

The following are examples of presets (scenes) that can be programmed on a smartphone or tablet to control Z-Wave smartHome devices:

  • Morning scene – opens all the blinds
  • Ventilation scene – opens all the skylights and controls the heating and air conditioning
  • Movie scene – closes external or internal blinds, dims the lights to 20%
  • Coming Home scene – turns lights on, opens the garage door
  • CO Alarm scene – opens the skylights and windows
  • Midday – closes certain external blinds to block heat from intense sunlight
  • Smog – closes all Fakro external blinds that have an anti-smog filter
  • Leaving Home – close all the blinds, locks the doors, arms the alarm, and cut the power off from selected outlets
  • Burglary scene – turns on all the lights and opens blinds, begins video recording in the monitoring system