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Things, you should to know about FAKRO products

FAKRO skylights or roof windows, are designed to provide a focal point for any room whether you use them individually or in combinations. Their stylish appearance is matched by the highest standard of manufacturing and finishing which means you can rest assured they will go on looking good for years to come. Our skylights offer a perfect combination of style, sustainability, security and long design life. To achieve such high performance involves ongoing refinement and improvement to every skylight or roof window that we design.


Things, you should to know about FAKRO products      

Thermal Insulation – lower utility bills

  • One of the most important thing during the design process of skylights is energy saving. Use of Energy Star compliant glass, allows to keep the heat outside during the summertime and inside during the wintertime. It allows to save on energy used for airconditioning in summer, and heating during the winter
  • Many windows use metallic spacers to separate panes and these can encourage condensation to form by forming a cold ‘bridge’ between them. By contrast, FAKRO uses warm spacers in order to ensure that this otherwise common problem does not affect our products
  • Thick, wooden skylight frame is the best insulator between the inside of the building the outside. Installation screws hidden inside the frame, do not increase the phenomenon of thermal bridges, that might be caused by metal flanges attached around the frame
  • Perimeter gasket underneath the frame, insulates additionally the joint between the skylights frame and the roof decking. Another feature increasing the insulation properties of FAKRO skylights
  • Additional double gasket system, seals the gap between the sash and the frame of the skylight. The gap must be very well protected, against any undesired air flow
  • Even higher insulation achieved by the use of FAKRO Thermo flashing

Things, you should to know about FAKRO products

Durability - trouble free performance.

  • Thick wooden frame made of selected narrow-grainded pine wood
  • Seasoned and vacuum preserved wood
  • All wooden elements factory lacquered before final assembly
  • Frame corners additionally sealed against any moisture penetration
  • Internal gasket system to collect and drain to the outside any condensation water
  • Heat and UV reducing glazing unit, to decrease usdesired influence of those two elements
  • External cladding covered with UV resistand paint
  • LIFETIME and leak proof warranty
Things, you should to know about FAKRO products

Easy installation – time and cost saving

  • Dedicated skylight template, for fast and easy marking of rough opening
  • Metal pins included, to hold the skylight in the center aboce the rough opening. No sliding effect
  • 4 to 6 screws through the frame for securing the skylight
  • Perfect for new application and retrofit
  • One man installation
Things, you should to know about FAKRO products

Individuality – make your room cozy and unique

  • FAKRO skylights can be manufactured in any colour from the RAL classic palette.
    That’s over 200 colours customers can specify to special order for their chosen projects
  • Wide range of accessories and variety of colors
  • Match the color of the blinds to the color of your interiors
  • Play with light and use it to your needs
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  • Products compliance with building codes and regulations